The FraudWatch Process

Send your website and phone orders to FraudWatch using our available plugins for all leading shopping carts, or use our simple API to create a custom integration. Your orders are instantly analyzed and a decision is returned within seconds. All approved orders are guaranteed!

Automatically send your website orders to FraudWatch. You can send mobile and phone orders too!
Our proprietary software instantly scans the order for fraud and gives a simple Yes / No answer.
Our manual review team reviews rejected orders to determine if they can be turned into approvals.
Ship approved orders with confidence. If an order that is approved results in a fraudulent chargeback, we will cover the cost!

Rejecting a legitimate order is rejecting a legitimate customer for life.

  • Highest Approval Rates Guaranteed

    Our technology is optimized for the highest approval rates, resulting in more sales for your business.

  • 100% Chargeback Protection

    FraudWatch enables you to eliminate manual reviews. Our approvals are so accurate, we stand behind each one – if an approved order results in fraud, we will cover the loss 100%.

  • Instant Decisions Guaranteed

    Get an instant decision on each order within minutes, enabling you to fulfill your orders without delay.

  • Yes/No Answers, Not Scores.

    FraudWatch provides a clear Yes/No response on every order, not confusing scores.

  • Simple Integration

    FraudWatch works with all major eCommerce platforms, plus has an extensive api for custom integrations.

  • No Tracking Scripts Required

    Many fraud solutions require a tracking script to be placed on every page of your website, which is a potential privacy breach. FraudWatch is the most secure solution, without any scripts needed.

  • Increase International Sales

    With international orders resulting in the highest fraud ratio, many websites do not accept them or are overly cautious when declining orders. FraudWatch will enable you to significantly increase international orders with no risk.

  • Completely Invisible

    FraudWatch works after an order is placed, and has zero negative effect on your customer’s experience.