Mobile Fraud And What To Do About It

If you’re a retailer and haven’t yet prioritized the security of your mobile site, you’ll definitely want to rethink that.
By 2019, mobile retail sales in the US are estimated to reach $170 billion, almost double the sales of 2015.  Mobile retail, commonly know as m-commerce, presents a complex challenge in maintaining the security of its customers’ data.
The rise of mobile has caused an increase in fraud attacks since the untethered devices offer a larger range of options for hackers […]

Online Fraud: Luxury Fashion vs. Basic Fashion

Selling luxury fashion online can mean higher profit margins, but it can also mean a higher likelihood of online fraud­­ – nearly double that of basic apparel. Merchants strive to avoid accepting fraudulent transactions, however in the process, they could also be rejecting legitimate sales as a result of putting tight/rigid/confining security measures in place. With FraudWatch, we maximize sales by standing behind all approved transactions.

How and Why Luxury Fashion?
Fashion items most targeted by fraudsters are sneakers, watches and jeans, […]

The Most Common E-Commerce Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Sales

Competition in the eCommerce world is very real and very fierce. You are one retailer among 12 million eCommerce stores in existence and the last thing you want is to make mistakes that can damage any potential revenue you could be making for your business.

Here are some tips that will help you pinpoint any problem areas on your website, and make sure every part of it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Easy Navigation
A potential customer viewing your website for the first […]

The Growing Cost of Online Fraud

As online shopping continues to increase, so does the threat of online theft. And now that secure EMV chip cards are active at retail locations in the US, fraudsters have shifted their focus more than ever to online stores.

Online Fraud Costs
Online fraud is responsible for billions of dollars of losses annually, causing merchants to not only lose merchandise, but the cost to prepare and ship that merchandise as well. Those figures are not even including the cost to prevent fraud in […]

The FraudWatch Time Machine


With online fraud rising at an alarming rate, many new fraud solutions are entering the marketplace. With slick brochures and bold claims, it has become increasingly difficult for online merchants to substantiate the many offerings.

As the pioneer of guaranteed fraud protection, FraudWatch has been perfecting our algorithms to ensure that we maintain our reputation of the highest approval ratio. Well aware that merchants are hesitant to try new services, FraudWatch can analyze past orders and provide a report on which orders we would have […]

Fraudsters United!

Since fraudsters possess self- centered qualities, one would naturally think that a fraudster works alone and gains the most that way.

However, today’s fraudsters are professionally connected to other criminals all over the world who work together as a team. Through blogs and other various forums, criminals share their tricks and tips based on their own past experiences. Very often, they also work together to maximize potential damage to a specific site in the hopes of stealing larger amounts. And then […]