Instant guaranteed approvals with a simple “YES!”

Ship more orders with confidence. We’ll cover any fraud chargebacks.

Guaranteed Approvals

Turn more orders that you would otherwise decline into guaranteed approved sales.

Phone & Mobile Orders

The only solution that is also optimized to deliver the highest approval rates for phone orders.

Highest Automated Approval Ratio

Our automated approval ratio is higher than any other fraud solution, ensuring you ship more orders and increase revenue.
Get a clear YES/NO decision on every order.

100% Guaranteed.

Highest approval rates for domestic & international orders.

We approve up to 50% more transactions that would otherwise be rejected by other fraud prevention services. Additionally, you can significantly increase your revenue by accepting more International orders with the highest approval ratio.

No monthly fees. No hidden fees. No contracts.

We are confident that FraudWatch will work for your business, so we don’t charge monthly fees or lock you in to contracts. You pay a simple low fee per transaction and nothing else.

Flexible plans to fit your business.

Choose one of our standard plans, or we can create a custom plan for your business. Whatever your business size, we have a plan that is right for you.

Completely invisible to your customers.

Most fraud solutions require you to install tracking codes on every page of your website. This can not only slow down the loading of your pages, but there are privacy implications as well. FraudWatch is the only fraud solution that delivers guaranteed approvals and the highest approval ratio, without any tracking codes.

Save time & money by eliminating manual reviews.

Manual order reviews is costly, time consuming and inaccurate. In addition, during order peaks, many suspect orders are declined. With FraudWatch, your approval process is fully automated with an approval ratio sharply higher than manual reviews, with a guarantee on every approval.